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Car accidents tend to be one among the major causes of accidental injuries and even death in the New York. Tragically, most of the car accident related deaths and injuries could be avoided. According to reports, the driver’s negligence is accountable for causing a big percentage of the car accidents. Too often, drivers operating their vehicle are distracted, recklessly or drunk. Cell phone use is a major cause of driver interruption and ultimately, the key contributing factor in lots of car accidents.

A few other main causes of the car accidents, consist of:

  • Driver dressing or applying makeup
  • Driver chatting with the passenger
  • Driver drinking or eating
  • Drunk driver
  • Road debris
  • Faulty traffic signs or signals
  • Poorly maintained highways or roads
  • Defective parts of the vehicles

Regardless of what the reason of your car accident is, if the accident was caused by careless actions of any other corporation or person, victims might be entitled to noteworthy financial compensation. For getting more information on the value of your car accident case, please call NYC Car Accident Lawyer dedicated car accident attorneys.

You have been hit by someone and you are injured. You have been capable to get outside your vehicle and police have come at the scene. Now what do you need to do?


See a doctor

Just after getting hit, you should immediately seek high quality medical assistance. If you weren’t treated at the accident scene, you and all other injured passengers must visit the nearest emergency room. Although you think that your injuries aren’t severe, a doctor should examine you. A few injuries aren’t immediately apparent and can become more severe if they are not treated quickly.


Collect information

If you’re able, gather contact information of every involved party. If other individuals witnessed the accident, gather their contact information too.

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Every lawyer at our law firm brings many years of experience along with a successful record to the tables. We make every effort to offer a high level of excellence while creating a solid relationship with every car accident client.

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We are committed to getting fair compensation and appropriate justice for our client. Our commitment has been well-recognized by people.

Get a police report

In case police was at the accident scene, get a copy of police report. If they weren’t present at the accident scene, contact your own local authorities and quickly file the car accident report.

Call a lawyer at Car Accident Lawyer New York

Do not ever discuss the details about your injury or accident with anybody other than your doctor, the police, and an expert car accident lawyer at Car Accident Attorney New York law firm. Speaking with an insurance agent prior to consulting our qualified car accident lawyers in New York Car Accident Attorney law firm can damage your car accident case and your capability to gather compensation.


If you think that hiring an experienced car accident lawyer is costly, then you are mistaken. Car Accident Lawyer New York’s aggressive New York Car Accident Attorneys at our law firm represent each client on contingency fees basis. To put simply, you will not need to pay out any legal fees unless we have settled your case successfully. Other than working on contingency fees basis, the decent Car Accident Attorney New York we work with offer every prospective client with free case reviews. No time is there to waste – call New York Car Accident Lawyer right now to protect your abilities to get the much needed compensation.


Placing People Before Profits


New York Car Accident Lawyer’s aggressive car accident lawyers have become more and more concerned that the greedy insurance companies put profit before people and they take advantage of the honest individuals. Unluckily, lots of insurance companies use unethical tactics to dishearten victims from seeking highly qualified legal representations. In a few cases, the pushy insurance agents also pressure victims in taking a smaller settlement offer. Unfortunate to most victims, the initial settlement offer is frequently the lowest and generally far below the right value of their car accident case. In such situations only, New York Car Accident Attorney are there to help. NYC Car Accident Lawyer will negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve.

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